Tailored Rehab Care

Empowering Autistic Children Towards Independence

Rehab Care provide personalised services to meet the specific needs of each individual that we support. Through an enjoyable, effective and meaningful range of services, we encourage autistic children to learn new skills and become as independent as possible. We provide services five days a week at times designed to maximise the opportunity for autistic children to attend.


Early Intervention

Personalized Therapy for Children with Autism

Rehab Care is a leading provider of early intervention and education for children with autism and related developmental conditions. We support children between the ages of two to fourteen

We utilise cutting-edge research and an evidence-based practice therapy model to provide intensive therapy, tailored to each child’s individual needs, supporting the development of speech, language, social, play, emotional, and cognitive abilities.

Expanding Horizons

Our Autism Center Focused on Family-Centric Care

To meet the growing need for high-quality treatment, our Autism Center recently moved to 176 Q-1, Wapda Town Phase 2, At roughly 6,000 square feet, the re-imagined center will allow us to provide family-focused care to 25% more children with autism over the next 5 years.

Thoughtfully designed with help from patient families, the new space is calming and comfortable. Features like lighting were chosen to create a welcoming environment for children with sensory challenges. A therapeutic place offers colors, sounds, textures and scents to explore.

Our Range of Autism Services

Autism Mood and Anxiety Program

We offer short-term evidence-based mental health treatment for up to age 14, on the autism spectrum who also have anxiety or mood concerns.

Specialized Neurodevelopmental Assessment and Consultation Service (SNACS)

Child Development Assessment

Evaluate your child for problems they may face with attention, learning, memory, behavior, social skills and other areas of development


Understanding Child Diagnosis

Help you understand your child’s diagnosis and development, including finding out if your child has diagnosis


Family Support Services

Talk with you about your family’s challenges and the services you and your child need

Accessing Community Services

Help figure out how to get services at school or in the community


Behavior Management Strategies

Suggest ways to work with your child at home to help prevent problem behaviors