An Inhospitable Present For People With Disabilities

An Inhospitable Present For People With Disabilities

Accessibility Challenges

Employment Barriers

Healthcare Disparities

Social Stigma and Discrimination

Advocacy and Empowerment

  • Physical and architectural barriers in public spaces, such as inaccessible buildings, lack of ramps and elevators, and limited parking spaces for individuals with disabilities.
  • Digital accessibility challenges, including websites and online platforms that are not designed with accessibility features, making it difficult for people with disabilities to access information and services.
  • Limited job opportunities and workplace discrimination faced by individuals with disabilities, including lower employment rates, unequal pay, and lack of accommodations.
  • Disparities in healthcare access and quality, including difficulty accessing medical care, disparities in preventive services, and challenges in obtaining assistive devices and specialized treatments.
  • Social stigma and discrimination, including negative attitudes, stereotypes, and misconceptions about disability that contribute to social isolation and exclusion.
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